#GRUENDELISTE — The Game Guide


First of all: It is spelled and spoken like in German: #GRUENDELISTE with an E at the end.

Written. Printed. Torn out of the book. With bloody nails for all I care. Nicely done. Finally you can breathe again, can't you? You've proven it many times.

Or is your head still bursting from holding your breath? All joking aside.
You took the right step:

There it is now, your list of reasons. Fixed for ever and ever?

Well numbered.

Here are the instructions on how to turn this #GRUENDELISTE into pure life energy:

Write a single word (YOUR RESULT) on an index card for what you will burn the #GRUENDELISTE and what you have to look forward to.

You take a photo of your #GRUENDELISTE now, for yourself and one other person, more on this later, so you can always be reminded of it.

3. EX and HOPP, HOPP
You produce a short video with your smartphone, (or another camera), in which you actually burn (!) your #GRUENDELISTE. ATTENTION Please look into the camera with all possible determination and say the following formula out loud::
"I am burning my #GRUENDELISTE today."
Then you really burn the list. Light a match outside (!) or a flame that seems suitable (and safe enough!), such as a lighter, a Bunsen burner, (not the gas cooker, please!) Be careful not to endanger yourself or others! You are not brain-damaged.

4. AKT
If you have really burnt the #GRUENDELISTE completely, look into the camera and say the following three sentences:
"I am the lead wolf." -
"I have burned my #GRUENDELISTE" -
"I invite ... "(here you explicitly name three people you love to do the same within three days and provide a short and loving reason, why you're doing so.

You send
1. a photo of your former #GRUENDELISTE
2. your short video of the act of burning and
3. a short voice message to someone you care about, like this:

"Dear ... I need your help. In this video you see that I have burnt my #GRUENDELISTE (list of reasons) I want to finally put my LEIDWOLF in its place. And I need you. To always remind me who is in charge. If I fall off the wagon, I ask you to simply raise your left hand and say loudly and clearly: # G R U E N D E L I S T E." I may only answer "THANK YOU" in loving humility. You will remind me of that when you fulfil this request here. I definitely will not accept any of the reasons on my #GRUENDELISTE anymore. I will not defend myself. Not justify myself. Not run away or flee. Will you help me, dear (name)?"

Length of your message: 30-45 seconds is enough.

P.S.: Invite the recipient of your voice message to play with you and also burn their own #GRUENDELISTE. Offer your help, you know how it works now. A foretaste of the mindset of being a LEAD WOLF. 


You don't burn your #GRUENDELISTE (only) for yourself. But for your family. Your environment. Your loved ones. Your colleagues. Your employees. Your co-thinkers. Co-Actors. Co-Compassionates.

This action is your self-runner, with which you help to prevent burnout from happening in the first place.

Nowhere. Not with you. And certainly not with others.

This action is a motive action:

  • For self-development.
  • For self-love.
  • For a grandiose life.

From "should" and "must" to simply doing.

With much more energy for the essentials in your life.

Free from fear and worries within you.

More steam for you, your company and your employees.

All right?


Just imagine: You find all videos and posts - worldwide. And think about how #GRUENDELISTE sounds or could sound in English, French, Portuguese or in SUAHELI ...

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#GRUENDELISTE ist an initiative by MATTHIAS M. FUCHS in cooperation with THE #MARKTDOMINANZ


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